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With this release that is remarkable, ADTR is a group this season to watch. A Day has existed for a little more than 5 years now, playing show after show these days to make a name for themselves, the typical storyline of the majority of groups out there. “What makes ADTR distinct from those groups”” is likely the first question that comes to someone”s head. ADTR has boasted they are the most heavy pop punk group, which may be backed up by their music.

The group”s sound, for those that aren”t familiar together, features the pop punk-like vocals of Jeremy McKinnon with a pop punk sound. The primary difference from most pop punk bands is they throw in post- dislocations with their tunes and hardcore screams. With the release of “Homesick,” the group”s sound hasn’t changed much from previous releases, but ADTR defiantly has created more variety within their tunes. The record starts with “The Downfall Of Us All,” an anthem of forms that showcases their pop punk-like sound. The tune starts with group vocals that mimic. While cheesy, it shows off the group”s funny side with their music.

The tune features a brief number of crying with a dysfunction that is not too significant, but it actually appeals to any enthusiast of pop punk music generally. The tune continues on like this until the drums begin leading up to the break down where McKinnon shouts “This is a battleground!” and is followed by the significant dysfunction. The tune then continues on like it was before the dysfunction that is disorderly. The following track, “I”m Manufactured From Wax Larry, What Are You Made Of””, features gang vocals, a rapid tempo, and a melodic refrain.

The dislocation has an incredibly trendy transition before it where gang vocals make a climbing pitch “Ohhhhh” into a short quiet where you are able to hear someone clearing their throat resulting in duel screaming between McKinnon and The Devil Wears Prada”s Mike Hranica. The duel crying dysfunction is really quite amazing.

The following tune, “NJ Legion Iced Tea,” is a melodic pop punk tune which is among the more powerful tracks on the record. The vocals and guitar riffs actually balance out, and it”s only an excellent tune complete. Another favorite, “Mr. Highway”s Thinking About The End,” is a rather hefty track. The tune includes mainly screams and heavy guitar riffs, and undoubtedly a superb significant break down (for this group at least).

The track actually showcases the group”s skill to play some heavy music, seeing which they tour with some groups which might be considered more significant than they’re (I.e. “Have Faith In Me” is another track that actually shows the group”s light pop punk side. McKinnon”s vocals are among the highlights of the track as he actually reveals that he’s an excellent vocalist. It’s also another one of those hefty tracks the group hasn”t actually been showing off on previous releases. “You Know What You Are” is an excellent metal track.

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And Their Name Was Treason Reviews

Sound: I first heard this group from a buddy of mine. He let me borrow the “For Those Who Have Heart” record; and what could I say? The sound with this record is quite great quality, for the first record, that’s of a group. They combine punk pop choruses that are delicious and hardcore dislocations. Both are my favourite genres. Jeremy’s singing is awesome. He’s sort of an emo/punk voice but you could not even tell it was him doing the screaming when he gets to the metal dysfunctions. His screaming is really low and he’s simply awesome. Incredibly strong. I give an 8 only due to the quality of the record to the sound.
Day are a basic in Victory Records’ time slot with a strong fan base assembled around their chaotic live shows. And Their Name Was Treason (Re-released on Victory with new art as “Old Record”)is a solid appearance at the group before higher quality record. Is an extremely solid, listenable effort showcasing the group’s skill at combining Melodi- punk-pop and metal guitars and the sing growl combo of Jeremy.

Lyrics:Jeremy is among the finest vocalists of Hardcore, with a low, creepy death growl and an excellent singing voice. The tender You Had Me At Hello is an excellent change of pace in from what could be called a Hardcore ballad. The quality of the vocals is incredible, but better gear has brought the finest of them out on the Victory releases.
I really adore the lyrics. Most folks do not locate lyrics about passing and heartbreak really great. The lyrics with this record will surprise you. They provide you with an exceptional feel on his emotions. The tune “You Had Me at Hello” is somewhat cheesy but y’know. The lyrics go great. Ranging from heartbreak refrains to dislocations that are fatal. I give a 9 to the lyrics on the record.

Total: Emo enthusiasts will likely choose the name of A Day to Remember’s And Their Name Was Treason quite actually, as here is still another youthful group definitely steeped because picture, now turning to adopt the apparently “next” musical craze that’s the ever more popular metalcore fashion. That is to not say they do not uncork the occasional outstanding instance of the type, such as the power pop-leaning “A Second Glance” or the very significant “1958.” But it’s possible to literally call the swaps between its tough/soft facets of the group with precision that is disturbing, having never heard the songs. No opinion on the textbook, yawn-inducing acoustic guitar ballad “You Had Me at Hello” (other than maybe: “how cute”), as well as their necessary rage movie quotation selection — from Donnie Darko — looks a little overly evident. Not actually: it is worse or no better than a thousand emocore records released during a 12-month period; but it is still but one of thousands, so good luck standing from the pack.